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About UWC Armenia

Students from different countries are selected for UWC colleges by the National Committees of their countries. Currently, there are National Committees in over 150 countries across the world. The National Committee system operates under the support and guidance of the UWC International, located in London. Its tasks are to determine the development strategy of the UWC movement, to monitor educational standards in the colleges and the operations of the National Committee network, and to coordinate UWC international operations.

The UWC Armenia is part of the UWC international community The first students from Armenia were selected to study in UWC colleges in 1994. Every year the National Committee selected from three to ten students from different regions of Armenia to study in UWC colleges. The main goals of the UWC Armenia are to represent the UWC movement in Armenia, to maintain ties with alumni of UWC schools and colleges, and to select and nominate candidates from Armenia for UWC educational programs.

A wide variety of individuals make up UWC national committees including UWC alumni and teachers, education professionals and community leaders.

Since 2013 Charity Foundation "Scholae Mundi"1 has actively supported the operations of the UWC Armenia. Thanks to the foundation’s support and the tireless efforts of the National Committee team, 2014 saw a substantial increase both in the number of candidate applications to UWC colleges and in educational financing opportunities for admitted students.

Today UWC Armenia not only selects students, but also organizes and participates in different activities and event that reflect the mission of UWC.