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Charity Concert in Dilijan

19 February 2019

The students of UWC Dilijan organized a charity concert to raise funds to support the treatment of little Areg, whose name translates as Sun, and who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

The students know Astghik, Areg’s sister, from the Dilijan Arts Festival in 2018. Areg’s sister is the violinist of the Tiezerq band, who was one of the first artistic ensembles that supported the newly launched Arts Fest in Dilijan. Now, Anahit from Armenia, Amir from Russia and Laith from Palestine invited the entire town to the charity concert, to sing along the covers of beloved songs and to make their contribution to Areg’s treatment.

The initiative, launched as a part of the College’s CAS activities, was a success, and the students are going to organize another similar event soon.