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Admissions process and deadlines

*The admission procedure and deadlines, as well as the eligibility criteria can be changed. Full information is published at the day of the opening for application.

Selection process and deadlines  

Month Process type
September-November Application

On-line test


January Final selection day
February – March Financial assessment
April Nomination

*exact dates and terms are published after the opening of the application and can be changed. Candidates will be notified via e-mail.

Admission procedure

Completing the online application form 

The application form must be completed in English. Please note that certain tasks of the application must be completed not only by the applicant, by their parents, but also their teacher and someone who knows the applicant very well in extracurricular activities.

Documents required to complete the application (the translation of the documents is not required unless not specified otherwise).

  • Scanned copy of applicant’s passport (the main page with photo) or ID or Birth certificate
  • Scanned copy of academic transcript for the last complete academic year (10 grade students can use the certificate of General Secondary Education).
  • A scanned copy of the completed and signed Consent to Personal Data processing.
  • Scanned copy of your own photo.

The application consists of following tasks:

Tasks ‘’Personal information’’ and ‘’Contact Information’’ must be completed by the applicant. These sections help UWC understand how the applicant thinks and why, if they are right for UWC and if UWC is right for them.

In the ‘’Academic Information’’ task, a signed and stamped copy of applicant academic record, including grades from applicant most recent academic year, is added (10th grade students may attach a copy of their grade 9 graduation certificate).

‘’Core Application Information’’ includes answering questions and writing short essays from 50 to 400 words. If there are achievements in the last three years, document/s - confirmation (award, diploma, certificate) is added.

‘’Parent(s) / Guardian(s) Information and Authorization’’ is needed to confirm that they support of applicant decision to apply for a place at UWC and that applicant have understood all conditions for applying to UWC. This task is to be completed by Parent(s) / Guardian(s).

An application will be considered complete and subject to review only with all the tasks marked as completed. All the technical instructions on how to complete those tasks will be provided on the application platform.

Online test 

This test is aimed to understand the way you solve different tasks. No preparation is needed.

Online video Interview 

According to the results of the application and test rounds, candidates are invited to participate in an On-line Video interview. 

Additional Information (College Preference, Recommendations)


  •  ‘’Community Reference’’ must be completed by someone who can provide a community reference for the applicant. It should not be a teacher, a family member or a friend, but someone who knows the applicant well outside the classroom and is older than 18 years of age. Examples of relevant persons to ask are sports coaches (outside school) or the applicant’s supervisor if the applicant is currently employed or does volunteer work.
  • ‘’School Reference’’ should be completed by a teacher who knows applicant well.

College Preference

You are able to rank the UWC colleges which you would like to attend the most (1 – most preferable, 18 – least preferable).
Please note that you will apply to the United World College movement, and NOT to specific colleges, so if you are successful, you will be allocated to the College that the Selection Committee believes suits your needs best. The list of colleges will simply be a chance for you to express your preference.

Final Selection Day 

Based on the results of the Video interview successful candidates are invited for the Final Selection Day, which is held in UWC Dilijan college. The stage has an individual and group activities and conducted in Armenian and English. If you are invited to the final round, attendance is mandatory.

Financial Assessment 

Because the scholarships are provided based on the need of candidates, every nominated candidate should complete financial assessment form.

Distribution of places in the colleges

The Selection Committee nominates successful candidates to enrol in a particular UWC college, while taking into consideration candidates’ preferences indicated on the Application Form. As a general rule, colleges accept candidates based on the Selection Committees’ recommendations. However, colleges reserve the right to make the final decision concerning each individual candidate.

Please note:
  • Candidates apply to the UWC Selection Committee, not to any particular college (If you want to apply to particular college you should enrol through the Global Selection Program and be able to cover full tuition fee of college;
  • Candidates may apply to only one Selection Committee (including Global selection program). You can reapply next year if you will be eligible;
  • Candidates with disabilities are also eligible to apply;
  • All information about candidates is confidential and not subject to disclosure.